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Factors to Consider When You Buy Property in Noida Extension or Greater Noida West

Appartments in Noida

Strategic Location

Both Noida extension and Greater Noida West are strategically located along the Yamuna Expressway – and offer excellent communication and access to all major parts of both New and Old Delhi. And in the midst of all the options of luxury apartments in greater noida west there are many high rising apartments that offer affordable alternatives for the low and middle income group people who are not able to afford the high priced apartments and homes in Delhi. One of such exciting opportunities comes in the shape of La Solara – a magnificent creation from Emenox Infratek.

Few Factors for Consideration

Just because they offer affordable alternatives to their expensive counterpart, you might not yet decide to buy property in noida extension. The buyer should not go for the first offer that comes their way. Instead they need to compare and find out the best deal that will help them get the best at the cheapest. For accomplishment of this objective there is necessity of taking into consideration a few factors.

  • Deciding on buying plots or apartments is the first consideration for the prospective buyer. If plot is the option; it would be good buying one near the F1 track in Noida Extension. Buying flats in Greater Noida West could be the other option available to the prospective buyer. Greater Noida West, in particular, showcases a rapidly improving infrastructural possibility

  • Having a look at the upcoming projects in noida could be a prudent option as it will help deciding on the relative values of the plots, apartment or house to be purchased and decide on the best deal out of them.

  • An important aspect is choosing the right developer who will be transparent in dealing, and is reliable and reputable. Such developer will only charge what was agreed upon at the first instance between the buyer and the developer and there will be no hidden executive costs escalating the prices beyond affordability limits.

Learning about Project Specifications

When it comes to buying real estate properties in one of the upcoming projects in noida, taking note of the details of the project specification could be the ideal thing to do. Going for a reputed and branded developer can resolve the related issues. Learning about the amenities available in the project like approach to market, hospitals, schools and other important locations that are part of daily requirements of one’s life would be necessary. It will be good step finding properties near Public Park as it will not only be a healthy environment but will also give ready access to a place of relaxation.

In addition; it will also be necessary for the prospective buyer to assess the capability of the area for absorption as people who intend to buy property in noida extension may find the absorption rates a bit slower in comparison whereas the rate could be better at other places. Since both Noida and Greater Noida have high ground water levels and provide better accessibility to Delhi in comparison to Gurgaon, buying properties in these locations could be good option for any prospective buyer.

Now Luxury No More Reserved for the Deep Pockets only


There is an old saying that the quality of time we spend on us define what we are in the long run! In other words, it’s our home and the time we spend for us our homes that shapes what and how we represent ourselves before others.

So your home is a very important place. More than rendering you the comfort, peace of mind and means to relax – it makes what you are! So does it become most important for us to make sure that we live in a home that has it all to render us a positive outlook?

The answer is known! But so is the problem!

For all the options that come before you towards buying a home there are a  hundreds few that makes us to shiver in the sight of troubles – primarily price and in many cases even quality (read intentions) of the construction! There is a massive explosion in population around so evidently it’s a tough task to find a suitable place that you can call your home!  It’s simply a very difficult task to find the right home these days! It’s been amounting to great problems to find a residential project that can really live up to the expectations!

Not anymore! With La Solara – an assortment of one of the most exciting flats in greater noida west, promising quality, modern homes that come fitted with modern amenities and yet built not to weigh you down with its price.

Here comes the right option

La Solara apartments have been especially designed to answer the needs of the young earners who intend to invest in a home/property that can make them live with their family at peace! For all those who are searching a property in noida La Solara, built by Emenox Infratek, comes across as one of the most outstanding residential properties around NCR – complete with features that take care of the security and comfort of the senior and young members of a family, a TAIB (Singapore) conceptualised amazing front façade surrounded by a blissfully green ambience.

Already touted as a milestone among projects in noida extension there’s round-the-clock security arrangements complete with CCTVs and an easy communication means around to make it most value-for-money property option for young and upcoming earners wishing to have a home at Delhi-NCR!