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Serenity has a new address in Greater Noida


Just like a hot cup of tea can set your mood for the rest of the day, a few cozy moments in the lap of luxury can invigorate your senses after a busy and strenuous day. No matter how energetic, young and healthy we feel about ourselves, there are days in our lives, when we just want to sit back, behold the surroundings and enjoy the gifts of nature to unwind ourselves. With work-related stress taking its toll on our health and causing a lot of damage to our lives, it has become more important than ever to dedicate some of our time of our busy lives to ourselves – completely. This is where our home can play an important role. A cozy, beautiful and basic-amenities oriented home can bring us close to ourselves, as it would make us spend more time with ourselves – reflecting on things we need to take care of.

Now immerse in the world of tranquility and greenery:

Starting a new trend by building beautiful, peaceful and nature-oriented homes, La Solara Apartments have a lot of attributes, which set them apart from other greater noida west projects. Truly eulogizing the essence of that popular adage – “home is where the heart is”, these apartments have been diligently designed by TAIB Singapore to augment their overall beauty but above all, special attention has been given to create a spa-like ambience for the inhabitants, which will work perfectly to de-stress you.

Don’t worry about the budget:

It is a world-wide accepted fact that luxury belongs to elite class only. But now even the middle-class citizens can realize their dreams by buying luxury flats in noida with La Solara Apartments – helmed by Emenox Infratek.

The 2 and 3 BHK flats in La Solara Apartments feature all the basic amenities, awe-inspiring ambience –and yet all this does not come with a hefty price tag. Now, even middle class can aspire to live in a luxurious accommodation that they can call as their home.

Pick Prudently to Own Luxury Yet Inexpensive Flats in Noida


Due to its proximity to all the important places in Delhi and NCR, greater Noida has emerged as an ideal choice for home seekers, who want to live and work in this prosperous and rapidly growing region of Northern India. Now that there has been a consistent demand for flats in this part of NCR, developers and builders have been coming up with beautiful, unique and inexpensive range of flats to give all the options to all those who don’t want to buy luxury apartments by paying a hefty amount.

Get the Best in Apartments in Noida:

Living up to the expectations of home-seekers, Emenox Group has brought forth their exclusive range of flats in 2/3 BHK property in greater noida west. They have come up with well-designed and beautiful La Solara Apartments, which are best in infrastructure and amenities. There is substantial greenery in these apartments so that the inhabitants can get the requisite peace of mind and breathe in fresh air to lead a healthy and serene life.

An Awe-Inspiring Creation:

Emenox Infratek invested its best engineering acumen and architectural innovation in creating the one of a kind residential property at greater noida west. As a result of which we see La Solara Apartments, which have been duly complimented by a waterfall, green landscapes and floating structures to offer you a tropical ambience – all in addition to a modern and highly practically utilizable interior that can challenge even the very best around.

Towering above the rest among the option of flats in greater noida, La Solara bears design excellence of TAIB Singapore. The flooring of kitchen, bedrooms and dining rooms has been finished by vitrified titles. These apartments also offer a great opportunity for you to invest your hard-earned money to reap rich rewards in the future.