Emenox Infratek, as a team, believes to inspire, innovate and deliver! Our desire is to see our belief manifest in each of our endeavour, and we undertake projects that elevate from being mere homes and commercial properties, to creations that inspire pride in their possessors!

In three of the projects that we have undertaken so far – our focus has been on high quality architecture, timely project execution with customer centric approach. The result of our fervent desire to stand true to our commitment has pushed us to deliver projects like Brave Hearts and Brave Hearts Plaza in Ghaziabad and now La Solara project in Greater Noida (West).

La Solara comes to offer an astounding tropical island-like setup in addition to being a green, nature-friendly property in Greater Noida (West). It is certain to evoke awe in its onlookers with its exteriors and the long list of amenities. For ones who have so far visited the Emenox Infratek’s project site at Plot No. GH-04 B, Sector 16, Greater Noida (West), their evident excitement makes us want to scale even the further heights in the future projects.

Brave Hearts project is completed & delivered while Brave Hearts Plaza is under construction. In both these projects there lies a testimony to our commitment to the factors that contribute to nation-making. It showcase our respect towards the brave men-in-uniform, safeguarding nation’s interest. Emenox Infratek identifies itself with the men and women who are committed and persevere their dream to fulfillment. Building a home for them in Delhi NCR is just one way of celebrating such individuals.